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Read this page in entirety before submitting a Request Form

In the past few years, the LBFD Toy Drive has seen a notable decrease in the amount of donations received. Without a doubt, Long Beach residents are extremely generous! The amount of donations we have taking in over the years is truly AMAZING! However, overall donations are down from where they once were, while requests received keep going up. We can only assume this is due to the troubled economic times felt by so many. Because of this, we have had to change the way we will distribute toys. Because there is less to go around, we will be distributing less and will need to be more selective on how many individuals and groups we donate to. Below are the protocols we will and / or have followed for years:

In order to be considered for a group donation, your organization must meet the following criteria:

  • Your organization must be a non-profit charity with a verifiable 501(c)(3) tax I.D. number
  • Your organization must be addressed in Long Beach and serve low income youths within Long Beach
  • You must have an accurate head count of the number of kids you hope to provide to
  • We will no longer allow groups to pick up toys at the Toy Warehouse without prior authorization
  • We will no longer be dropping off toys at an organization without a scheduled distribution event. If an event is scheduled, we will bring the toys to the event and assist with the distribution

Submitting a request form is NOT a guarantee that you will receive something. Orders will be filled based on:

  • The availability of toys
  • Receipt date of the request form
  • Review of the requesting organization and selection by the LBFD

By submitting a request form to the Long Beach Fire Department “Spark of Love” Toy Drive, you agree to the above

Please do not call repeatedly to check on your request. If your organization has been selected to receive toys, you will be contacted

"Request forms will be excepted via FAX starting November 1st.  Forms will receive a time and date stamp which will be considered in the selection process.  Forms received prior to the start date will not be considered"

Toy Request Form

FAX completed form to: 562-570-2506 Long Beach Fire Department, Community Services

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