Thinking of trying a
Black Belt Membership alternative?

Spark Membership allows Martial Arts School owners to cut the cord on the patchwork collection of tools it takes to run your business. Spark automates everything, keeping students better engaged, and making life easier for staff and students.

How we’re different:
Spark Membership vs Black Belt Membership

Kiosk Mode

Spark Membership allows students to check themselves and to provide essential information and services.

No Code Landing Page

You’ll be backed by a strategic funnel that is a powerful tool to grow your business.

New Feature Requests

Spark Membership takes product feedback seriously as we are driven towards improvement and innovation. Requests are always welcomed.

Why you should choose Black Belt Membership

“Black Belt CRM is a fantastic software and the team over there go out of their way to provide nothing less than impeccable service to the martial arts community.”

Nick Cavallo

Why you should choose Spark Membership Software

“Spark saves me time, money and as one-man show gives me a professional appearance as if I had a larger staff.”

Paul Mimidis

Black Belt Membership Pricing

Price: $59.95/mo

Spark Membership Pricing

Price: $199/mo

"Our software will make your business run smoother, save you time and get you back to what matters most — which is running a successful business that YOU love, with less stress and more joy!"

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More reasons to consider Spark Membership
over Black Belt Membership

Intuitive and Easy To Use Dashboard

In one place, Spark makes it easy to manage all aspects of your business.   Giving you real-time updates with no hassles. Easily access built-in reports, lead status and automate business communications  — without losing a personal touch.

Automates and Streamline Business Functions

Focus on your core business and let the software handle repetitive daily tasks for faster business growth.


You don’t need an extra budget to hire a marketing specialist. Marketing campaigns are easily set up and managed with Spark.


No more wasted efforts and let Spark give you automated campaigns

Powerful Tools For Managing Your Staff

Spark offers efficient employee management tool with time tracking and scheduling features.



It also allows you to assign tasks and monitor progress from a single interface, giving you unparalleled visibility into your staff activities.


Take your school with you via mobile apps or tablets. Available on the Apple Store for iPhones and Google Playstore for  android phones and tablets.


More Engaged Members Who Stick Around

Glitchy systems can drive even your most loyal members down the street to your competitors.


Spark simplifies life for your members with online bookings,
membership payments and automated reminders.


Build better relationships with your members,
pack out classes and reduce churn.

Start Running A More Efficient & Profitable Business Today

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